●If you know the condition of the soil...
Soil improvement and growth measures

●To improve organic soil, promote growth, and prevent diseases and pests!

In addition to macro-elements such as nitrogen, phosphoric acid, potassium, calcium, magnesium, there are also trace elements such as iron, zinc, copper, manganese, boron to provide a comprehensive source of nutrients for plants. 

Fermented sufficiently to prevent fertilizer burn. Easy to handle as it is in pellet form. Contains a good balance of the three elements essential for plant growth. Microorganisms work actively to form a granular structure in the soil, which improves water retention and air permeability.

The ashes generated when food chicken manure is finished being used as fuel for thermal power generation are rich in phosphoric acid and potassium.Phosphate fertilizer of organic origin.It gives momentum to crops before flowering and fruiting.Due to its high pH, it can be used as an amendment for oxidized soil and as a conditioning material before sowing.

Video of Teacher Tanabe

Fermented chicken manure fertilizer application method (fruit trees)

Three holes are dug at a distance of half the height of the tree, and the size of the holes is
1. about 10 cm in diameter
2. about 30 cm deep

Fermented Chicken Manure Fertilizer Application Method (Pepper)

The first step in surface fertilization is to scrape the surface of the soil so that the soil is visible, then apply Bokashi fertilizer evenly, and cover the top with the scraped grass.
Thus, the fertilizer and grass are not mixed, but made into a sandwich. This way, microorganisms can multiply in large numbers. If the fertilizer dries out too much, the number of good microbes will decrease.

How to make compost

Fermented chicken manure fertilizer has a high fertilizer content, so compost is applied by mixing fermented chicken manure with organic materials to slow down the fertilizer effect and to put organic materials into the soil to increase the microorganisms living in the chicken manure.

President's talk

We provide organic fertilizers to help spread organic farming. It may take a lot of time and effort, but it is the best way to use the cultivated land carefully for a long time and to produce flavorful crops. We would like to promote organic farming for the sake of a healthy body.

Organic farming Instructor's talk

Shinzo Tanabe, Principal, Organic College
Yield increased 1.5 times by organic cultivation!

Organic cultivation: A talk by a lecturer at a soil preparation seminar

Teacher Junki Ito, Agricultural Engineer, Hiroshima Prefecture

Organic farming is about soil preparation.

Roots also breathe. They need to be able to breathe easily. It also needs to be water-permeable, water-retentive, fertilizer-retentive, and granular.