Greetings from the representative

Compost is a necessary agricultural material for plants to grow naturally and to keep the soil healthy.
We are want to provide fertilizer at the lowest cost so that we can meet the needs of overseas customers.
To get low fee and efficiency of fertilizer, recycled fertilizer made from organic waste and as raw material would be the best choice.
We aim to meet the diverse needs of many overseas customers, and at the same time capture a lot of information about recycled fertilizer in Japan.
Cultivate Co., Ltd hopes to benefit society as a fertilizer trading company for the international market.

Takahashi Tadashi , CEO of Cultivate Co., Ltd.

Information on domestic recycled fertilizer Cultivate (commodity information and distribution industry) Information on fertilizer demand abroad. We want to implement the international resource recycling function

Company overview

Company name

Cultivate Co., Ltd.

Representative Director

Takahashi Tadashi


3-35-3-1201 Inokuchidai, Nishi-ku, Hiroshima City


Trading, import and export 1000000Z-0000

Exporting countries

Korea, China, Vietnam, Myanmar, Micronesia

Importers in Vietnam

Tel: +84 903316737 (Ms.Khánh)