Soil testing before soil preparation and fertilization

Soil diagnostic kit proposed by FeelSaigon

pH , N , P , K
You can see the numerical value of 4 items on the spot.

●Knowing the condition of the soil...

Only add the amount of fertilizer necessary for growthto reduce expenses and to keep the land health.

Change the properties of the soil when growth is poor despite sufficient fertilizer content in the soil.

Measures from soil inspection

Measures according to soil conditions

●Low pH・・・ 
Fertilizer absorption is poor at low pH.
pH3以下 AgrichAsh、pH4~5 AgrichCal、pH5~6 AgrichDoc
●Low N・・・ 
Rapeseed oil residue and fishmeal are also acceptable, but if they are expensive, add compost containing AgrichS-1 to increase the number of microorganisms.
●Low P・・・ 
●High P・・・ 
Fertilizer absorption is poor when P is high
Increase the frequency of soil application of AgrichS-1
to make the phosphorus in the soil absorbable
●Low K・・・